Chase the Rhythm – CD


Songs to motivate children to move, developing both the body and brain. Dance like a chicken, catch the flavour of the ice cream, enjoy splashing in the puddles, be a rock and roll star, move with the groove to the disco with dough. Chase the Rhythm makes learning fun.


Like all of our other albums another award winner to inspire movement with young children. Both adults and children will enjoy moving and singing along with this playful resource. Explore movement, colour, patterns and singing building early maths and literacy skills. Build balance, agility and coordination skills as well as a wealth of physical literacy. This high energy music cd will excite your taste buds and get your children dancing to the beat.

  1. Funky Chicken (High Energy, Gross Motor, Echo Singing) A high energy song to get children moving, copying actions and singing an echo back at you. Great for physical development, communication and language, balance and coordination. PD CL EAD
  2. Body Scale (Musicality, Body Awareness, Echo Singing) A song that encourages children to echo sing and point to different parts of their body. CL PD EAD            See video clip
  3. The day I went to the fair (Gross Motor, Memory & Sequencing) A role play song where children pretend to be at the fair.  CL PD EAD UW
  4. Lottie the ladybird (Role Play, Core Strength) A role play song where children pretend to be a ladybird. PD EAD UW M 
  5. Play Dough Disco (Team Work, Fine Motor Exercise) A song that helps children exercise their fingers using play dough. They follow the actions in the song using one hand and then swap to the other. PSED CL PD EAD  See video clip
  6. There was a tree (Memory & Sequencing, Echo Singing) An action song that is performed using our bodies. PD CL EAD UW 
  7. Catch the flavour (Balance, Spatial Awareness) A role play song where the children walk around the room pretending that the scrunchies or small balls on the floor are ice cream. They put one inside their cone and try to walk around without dropping it. PD EAD M 
  8. Rainy Day (Puddle jumping, Role Play, Gross motor) A song that encourages children to follow instructions. They pretend to put on different pieces of clothing and splash in puddles.    CL PD EAD UW see video clip
  9. Dancing Digits (Fine Motor Control) A song that allows children to use fine motor skills. CL EAD L
  10. Chug Chug Tractor (Spatial Awareness, Colours and Patterns) A role play song where the children pretend to be the farmer driving a tractor, travelling in different directions and working on spatial awareness. The song brings in colours patterns and fruits. Make your own pictures to match the words of the song. CL PD PSED EAD UW
  11. One Finger, One Thumb (Memory, sequencing, independent movement) Traditional song working on building up a sequence of moving body parts. Working on independant movement. Great for fine motor development. PD CL EAD
  12. Greensleeves (Classics, Instrumental Contrasting tempo) The children work together to move beach balls slow and fast, in the tempo of the music, on the parachute.                                   CL PD PSED EAD UW 
  13. Fizzy Bubbles (Parachute, Colours, Eye tracking, Team Work) During the first verse the children lie under the parachute. They are encouraged to jump up and down when the adults lift up the parachute. CL PD EAD M 
  14. Wake Up, Shake Up (Positional language, Contrasting Movement) A role play song where the children lie on the floor and pretend to be asleep. They listen to the music and copy the instructions given during the chorus. CL PD EAD UW 
  15. Wriggle and Freeze (Positional Language, Contrasting Movement) A song that encourages children to create movement in response to the music. They follow instructions by listening to the words in the song. PSED CL PD EAD
  16. Bath Time (Role Play, Body Awareness, Self Care) The children use role play and pretend that they are in a bath by pretending to wash parts of their body. CL EAD L
  17. Music Man (Body Parts) (Sequencing, Crossing Mid-lines) A song that encourages children to cross mid-lines and tap different parts of their body using instruments. PD CL EAD
  18. Five Guitars in a rock and roll band (Counting, Role Play) A song that encourages children to take turns by using pictures and toys. Each child will be invited individually to pretend to buy a guitar and play it. PD CL EAD M

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