Lark In The Park – CD


Songs include:

Hey you! can you!, Nursery Rhyme Medley, Lark in the park, Grandpa Joe, Pegging out the washing, Throw your scarves in the air, Run on the spot, The Entertainer, Hop little Bunnies, Country Dancing, Rocking my teddy, Travel around the world, I forgot my hat (winter version) Greek Instrumental, Five Baby Worms, On the Pogo, Paddle in the sea, Duck says Quack Quack Quack, Ey Ey Yippee, Wise Old Owl.

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Early Years physical activities with music, dance parachute play and dough dancing and much more.

A resource to inspire movement and engage children in physical activity in a fun multi-sensory way. With echo songs for the children to learn easily and develop language with simple movements to build early physical literacy skills.

A resource to stimulate the vestibular system with twists and turns to delight the children. Where children can learn how to drive their bodies developing the proprioceptive sense and spatial awareness. Building early maths skills with sequences, days of the week, number, counting, Shapes and much much more

1. Hey You! Can you? (Gross Motor, Crossing Mid Lines)

2. Nursery Rhyme Medley (HSKT, Polly/Kettle, Mary/Lamb, Speckled Frogs)

3. Lark in the Park (Memory, Sequencing, Echo Singing) See video clip

4. Grandpa Joe (Role Play & Physical Exercise)

5. Pegging out the Washing (Role Play, Helping Out, Fine Motor)

6. Throw your scarves up in the air (Positional Language, Making Shapes)

7. Run on the spot (Gross Motor, Being Healthy)

8. The Entertainer (Role Play, Balance & Co-ordination)

9. Hop Little Bunnies (Gross Motor, Role Play)

10. Country Dancing (Cowboy Role Play, Circle Dancing)

11. Outdoor chores (Role Play for each day of the week, Helping In The Garden)

12. Rockabilly play dough (Team Work And Fine Motor Exercise) See video clip

13. I forgot my Hat (Winter Version) (Body Awareness, Memory, Sequencing)

14. Greek (Instrumental) (Contrasting Movement, Parachute & Sharing)

15. Five baby worms (Parachute, Counting, Eye Tracking, Fine Motor)

16. On the Pogo (Reacting to Sound, Gross Motor, Role Play)

17. Draw a shape (Shapes, Fine Motor, Team Work) See video clip

18. Duck Says Quack Quack Quack (Animal Sounds, Memory & Sequencing)

19. Ey Ey Yippee (Instrumental Playing, Contrasting Loud & Quiet)

20. Wise Old Owl (Simple Language, Body Awareness & Relaxation)

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