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Music and Movement for Early Years childrens music, free kids music, kids music online, EYFS

Childrens Music suitable for Babies, Toddlers and Preschool Children with links to EYFS

Includes 20 songs that support learning through play.
Draw with your magic finger over the colours of the rainbow, sing the days of the week, stop off to help Mick to fix an aeroplane, go spinning, flying and dancing with clowns as well as sing along to traditional favourites. Learning through play makes learning fun.


Music and Movement for Early Years

Childrens Music suitable for Babies, Toddlers and Preschool Children with links to EYFS

Our cross EYFS-curriculum music and movement activities are FUN, SAFE, and INSPIRE meaningful movement which support the ‘essentials’ of: physical and emotional well-being, creativity and social skills  building on  language, literacy and numeracy skills  preparing young children for formal learning and helping them to reach their full potential. Children’s music that inspires movement, access kids music online all linked to EYFS. Enjoy movement learning through play. free kids music available too.

Includes 20 songs to fire the imagination where learning through play is key.
Draw with your Magic Finger over the Colours of the Rainbow, singing the Days of the Week, stop off to help Mick the Mechanic to fix an aeroplane, go spinning, flying and Dancing with Clowns as well as sing along to traditional favourites. Learning through play makes learning fun.

1.  Welcome (Greeting and Movement)

2. Nursery Rhyme Medley (Baa Baa, Hickory Dickory, Mary Mary, 12345)

3. Colours of the rainbow (Colours, Sequencing, Echo Singing)

4. Pirates Life for Me (Pirate Song, Role Play and Counting)

Uses number 1 to 5. The first language requirement for number work is to learn the sequence of number words. Understanding will develop as more number activities are experienced.  Nye and Bird (1996)

5. Elephants have wrinkles (World Music, Body Awareness, Sequencing)

6. Bean bag song (Balance, Body Awareness, Handling Objects)

7. Days of the Week (Movement, Sequencing and Alliteration)

According to MacLean et al. (1987), Numerous empirical studies provide evidence that rhyme and alliteration sensitivity contribute to reading. For example, they reported that the rhyme and alliteration scores of 3-year-old preschoolers were related to beginning word reading over the next year. Bryant, MacLean, and Bradley (1990) found that children’s rhyme and alliteration scores at ages 3 and 4 were significantly related to reading 2 years later.

MacLean, L., Bryant, P., & Bradley, L. (1987). Rhymes, nursery rhymes, and reading in early childhood. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 33 (3), 255-28

8. Mick the Mechanic (Role Play, People who help us)

9. Jump, Jump, Jump (Gross Motor Movement, Echo Singing) See video clip

10. This Big! How Big! (Humorous, Contrasting Size, Gross Motor) See video Clip

Supports mathematical vocabulary, real objects, pictures or gestures should be used to draw attention to size to aid understanding

11. Time to spin (Balance and directional language)

12. Driving a Police Car (Role Play, Positional Language)

13. Help One Another (Helping with the jobs around the house)

14. Legato Staccato (Instrumental) (Contrasting Movement, Parachute & Scarves)

15. Wibble Wobble (Circle Dance, Directional Language)

16. Dancing Clown (Reacting to Sound, Role Play, Contrasting Music)

17. Learning Through Play (Bungee Dancing, Positional Language)

18. Oh, When the Band (Instrumental Playing, Contrasting Loud and Quiet)

19. Funky Groove (Echo Singing, Gross Motor)

20. Magic Finger (Mark Making, Positive Touch and Relaxation)

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