Going on a Journey – CD


Songs to motivate children to move, developing physical skills. Take a ride on the magic carpet whilst we travel around the world to the rhythm of the jungle, the tropical island, the animals of Oz and count the fish in the sea. Going on a journey makes learning fun!

This CD links to  all area of EYFS and links to KS1

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  1. Goes like this PD C&L PSED   

Areas of development – Memory & Sequencing, Directional Language


Children develop their memory and sequencing skills by following the instructional build up in the song adding new directions each time. LEFT – RIGHT – FRONT – BACK – THROUGH – AROUND – DOWN.

  1. Day at the zoo PDEAD C&L UW

Areas of development –  Memory & sequencing, Echo Singing, Gross Motor 

Children perform actions to the song and echo each line building up to a sequence of five actions.

A Jumping Wallaby – A Waddling Penguin – A Balancing Flamingo – A Super-Fast Cheetah, A Soaring Eagle

See video clip

  1. Rhythm of the Jungle  PDEAD  L C&L UW

Areas of development – Steady Beat, Listening Skills, Fine Motor, using describing words

Claves, drums, the floor or body percussion can be used to keep a steady beat whilst children guess what the animal is from the description of the animal’s feet. Playing loudly and softly in relation to the pressure they apply to the drum.

  1. Have you Ridden  PDEAD C&L UW

Areas of development – Knowledge and understanding of the world, Gross motor, directional language

A role play song where children act out riding on different types of animals.

An Elephant – A Tall Giraffe – A Tigers Back – A Crocodiles Tail – A Hairy Ape

  1. Be a solider marching round the world  PDEAD C&L PSED  UW

Areas of development – World Knowledge, Traditional Instruments. A role play song that brings awareness of different places around the world to children.

Use instruments to march around the room, listen out for a particular instrument.

 6. Driving my bus through London Town PD  L C&L PSED  UW

Areas of development – Positional Language, Famous London Landmarks. Spatial awareness, Simple language

Children pretend to drive a bus and practice directional  language whilst they travel such as up the hill and through the tunnel. Start and stop, slow and speed up.

  1. Flying with wings  PDEAD C&L PSED 

Areas of development – creative movement through classical music, stimulate vestibular system

Children can work with partners or move independently around the room following the instructions in the song with lots of spinning and turning to work on the balance.

  1. Travel around the world  PDEAD C&L PSED UW

Areas of development – Gross motor movement, spatial awareness, role play, knowledge and understanding of the world.  

Children use role play and perform actions in the song and use simple language with short repeated phrases

A Jumping Kangaroo, A Stripy Zebra, A Waddling Penguin, A Snappy Gator, An itchy Grizzly Bear

  1. Land of Oz PDEAD C&L PSED UW

Areas of development – Gross Motor, Role Play, Animals native to Australia,

A role play song where children use gross motor skills to move around like the animals in the song working on proprioception using different heights and working out where their bodies are in the space around them

  1. Spaghetti Bolognaise  PDEAD C&L UW

Areas of development – Knowledge of the World, traditional food, fine motor development, independent movement, memory and sequencing.

A song that encourages fine motor development, children to use role play and gestures as they add each ingredient in turn and pretend to cook.

  1. Paddle in the sea  PD C&L PSED M UW

Areas of development – Circle Dance, Counting, Team Work Role play

A song that encourages children to count and move in time with the music whilst maintaining a circle format (a giant bungee is great for keeping the circle together)

  1. Here we go Lou B Lou PDEAD C&L PSED 

Areas of development – Team work, independent movement of body parts, positional language

A traditional circle dance following the actions in the song, using different body parts, using left and right.


  1. I forgot my Hat (Summer Version) PDEAD C&L PSED 

Areas of development – Memory & Sequencing, body parts, following instructions, sun safety

A humorous song about putting sun cream on different parts of the body and building up a sequence.

  1. It’s a tropical Life for me PDEAD C&L PSED  UW

Areas of development-  Role play, Cross lateral movements, creative dance

A tropical island song that encourages children to use role play and copy actions such as climbing the coconut tree, paddling a canoe, swimming fish, playing the steel drums and hula hula.

  1. In the Deep Blue Sea PDEAD C&L PSED M UW

Areas of development – Parachute play, Counting, Eye Tracking, Directional language

A song that can be performed on or under the parachute.

On – Children each have a sea creature and take it in turns to listen to the song and add each sea creature when it is mentioned in the song. The team then need to move in different directions as instructed.

Under Children are given a sea creature to be and when they hear their name they go under the parachute and move like the creature in the direction as instructed.

  1. Latino Latino  PDEAD  L C&L UW

Areas of development – Instrument Playing, Crossing Midlines, left and right

A Salsa style song that instructs children to cross midlines while following instructions and finding different parts of their body. Eg. Right hand on my elbow, my left hand on my big toe.

  1. Magic Carpet 


     Areas of development – Parachute Play, Teamwork, Contrasting Movement, knowledge of countries and music of the world 

    The children pop a soft toy onto the magic carpet (parachute) and the song takes you to 5 countries around the world where you will hear traditional music played native to that country and famous landmarks. Sitar – Taj Mahal – India, Shakuhachi – The great wall of China – China, Accordion – Eifel Towel – France Trumpets – Buckingham palace – England, Didgeridoo – Sydney Opera House – Australia.

  1. Moonlight Sonata/Arrival of Queen of Sheba PDEAD C&L PSED  UW

Areas of development – Exposure to classical music, Listening skills, Self-control

This song can be performed in many different ways. An example would be to have some beach balls in a parachute and ask the children to move the balls slowly and quickly in accordance to what they hear.

  1. Holiday Conga PDEAD PSED  UW

Areas of development – Gross Motor, Coordination, Teamwork, coordination

Children make a line and conga around, you may want to use a giant bungee to make it easier for younger children or add a limbo pole to go under.

  1. Five Little Fishes PDEAD C&L PSED M UW

Areas of developmentFine Motor, Numeracy, Role Play, Eye tracking, Positional language, knowledge and understanding of the world.

A role play, parachute play or finger play song, encourages children to count up and down, how many have been taken away and how many are left.

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